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There is one thing that online stores will never be able to offer Scuba Divers, and that's a Gas Fill!

At Aquatic Adventures we can fill your Scuba cylinders to pressures up to, and including, 300bar.

With a large supply of banked, triple-filtered air on site, we can offer fast, clean, safe air fills.

Prices for Air Fills are as follows:

Single Air Fill (up to 300bar): $12/fill

12 Air Fill Card (purchased in advance): $120/card

More than 21% Oxygen

In addition to offering air fills, Aquatic Adventures also has both banked Enriched Air Nitrox, as well as the ability to create partial pressure blends. Our staff are all qualified Gas Blenders, and we can offer any mix from 22-100% Oxygen.

Prices for standard Nitrox fills are as follows (based on a 230bar fill):

BlendPrice(inc. GST)
28% $19/fill
30% $22/fill
32% $26/fill
36% $31/fill
40% $38/fill


Standard stage cylinder Nitrox fills are as follows:

Blend & Stage sizePrice(inc. GST)
40cft 50% $27/fill
40cft 80% $42/fill
80cft 50% $52/fill
80cft 80% $84/fill


For all other Partial Pressure blends, Oxygen is charged at $0.06/litre, and then add the cost of a standard air fill.