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The Aquatic Adventures dive club is called the Aquaholics.

Originally an independent dive club, founded by some of our staff members, Aquaholics has now merged with the original Aquatic Adventures dive club to form a new club which comprises all the best parts of both.

Our members include divers from all walks of life, and all skill levels, from beginner, to advanced tech diver.

Aquaholics members believe in the following when it comes to our diving:

  • Safety first - we do not engage in diving activities, or encourage others to do so, if we do not have the proper training for the dive.
  • We are not elitist - all divers, from all certification agencies, are welcome to join us on our dives (provided they have the necessary training).
  • Fun - above all, Aquaholics members want Scuba Diving to be fun, and for everyone to have a good time!

Club membership fees pay our staff to guide dives and service more needs for club members, including sending comprehensive first aid supplies along for those dives in the event any incidents should occur.

Members also are rewarded with discounts on fills, gear rentals and equipment purchases.

If you are not already a member, please purchase a club membership via the shop here and start saving on guiding and gear fees.

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