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SCHOOLS AND CLUBS Diving Inspired Vocational Education

Our course and experience offerings for schools are collectively known as our D.I.V.E. programs.

D.I.V.E. Octopus

The aim of D.I.V.E. is not only to teach school kids how to snorkel and/or dive, but also to get them interested and inspired by the ocean itself. As Scuba Divers we are keen ocean advocates, and we believe that the more people who understand and appreciate the amazing ecosystems that make up the world's oceans, the longer they will survive to (hopefully) be enjoyed by future generations.

The 4 "arms" of the D.I.V.E. programs each represent one of the key areas that our educational programs cover. All our programs are designed to follow the Victorian curriculum, thereby allowing the kids involved to get the most out of them.


Depending upon the age of the kids involved in the program, the "diving" they can complete will vary greatly to remain in-line with national and international standards.

From age 10 upwards, students can participate in Snorkelling Tours, or swimming-pool based Scuba sessions, and then from age 12 upwards they can enter the ocean on Scuba. Whether these are one-off sessions, or a multi-session training program is up to you.


Inspiration is the key to keeping someone actively interested and involved in any activity. As a community, Scuba Divers are very ecologically focused, and there is lots of inspiring work going on in Ocean Conservation at the moment.

Aquatic Adventures offers a range of courses, talks & activities focused on local and international conservation projects that students can become actively involved in.


Although Scuba Diving is primarily a recreational hobby, there are many avenues where the skills learned through diving can be put to use in a workplace situation.

To this end, many of our courses have been developed into Nationally Recognised training programs, and for those who are interested, these versions can be taught, providing statements of attainment and even college credit where desired.


You would be hard pressed to find an active diver who doesn't enjoy learning something new, and this positive attitude towards education flows through all our courses and programs.

With options ranging from in-water training, through First Aid, and into environmental protection, all of which have been developed in line with established guidelines, we offer educationally valid training that can line up with any curriculum.